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My Top 5 Tips for Staying Festive this Year

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In a year of the unexpected, one thing has come to be expected: Change….

And so it follows that Christmas isn’t going to be the same this year.

As tiring as it is to hear this constantly, it does have an element of truth. It doesn’t mean we have to feel joyful and happy all the time just because it’s Christmas. I know that’s how I hear it sometimes, and it can really get you down if you interpret it this way, but the truth is however you feel is valid. It’s been such a strange year, you’re allowed to feel whatever you feel, without having to explain yourself, even though it’s Christmas.

But, there are still many ways you can make the most of the holiday and get into the festive mood.

Here are some of my top tips for staying festive this year.

  • Find ways to stay in touch with family and friends. We have all had lots of practice this year getting used to virtual catch-ups, whether they be on Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, so use these to stay in touch with your loved ones with virtual family games nights or carol singing.
  • Spread the Christmas spirit to those around you. One of the things our little village is doing this year is Advent Windows. A wonderful way to connect with your community. The lights brighten the early dark evenings as well as brightening the spirits.
  • Have a carols night.  Plan a family carol evening at home. This is a great way to spend time together and is sure to bring some laughter and fun. For those of you who are really creative, why not try and write your own Christmas song and have some fun as a family singing your lyrics.
  • Watch some Christmas movies. Despite the predictable plot lines and cheesy moments, for me a Christmas movie can always get you feeling more festive and is a great way to spend an evening with your family in the holidays.
  • Dust off your board games and have a technology-free family games night. This is another great way to spend quality time together without getting caught up on your phones.